Complaints Appeals Procedure


To describe the process by which learners can appeal against an assessment decision and obtain accurate and fair assessment of their work or competences, if necessary, through the intervention of an appropriate third party.


This procedure shall apply when any learner feels assessment has been carried out unfairly and wishes to appeal.


It is the responsibility of all Arriva London staff for ensuring that all candidates are informed of this procedure


The candidate concerned will notify the assessor of an appeal within five working days of receiving the assessment decision

The assessor will respond to the candidate within five working days

If the appeal is not resolved the candidate will make a written appeal to the centre co-ordinator within five working days of receiving the response from the assessor

The centre co-ordinator will consult the assessor and also the Quality Assurer involved

The assessment decision will be internally quality assured to determine the validity of the appeal

The centre co-ordinator shall respond in writing to the candidate within five working days of being informed of the appeal

If the appeal is not resolved the candidate can pursue the appeal through the IMI


The following are grounds for an appeal against assessment decisions which is pursued by the appeals process, examples being (this list is not exhaustive):


We are committed to providing a professional, fair, efficient, courteous and helpful service. If you believe that this is not the case, and you are dissatisfied with our service, we would like you to tell us. We can then seek to resolve your complaint and also try to ensure it does not happen again.

How to make a complaint?

In the event that you (or your employer) has any grievance relating to the training, then you should take the following steps;

What happens next?

We will reply within 10 working days from when we receive your complaint. If it is not possible for us to give you a reply within this time, we will give you an interim response, telling you what is being done to deal with your complaint and when you can expect the full reply and from whom.

That full reply will include details of the actions taken or to be taken following the complaint.

If you are not fully satisfied you may then want to escalate the complaint to the ESFA Service Helpdesk number 0370267001.

If a candidate has a complaint against any aspect of Arriva London conduct in relation to qualification delivery or assessment should direct their complaint in writing to: Wayne Ellis


To raise concern under these whistleblowing arrangements please contact Wayne Ellis (see the contact details at the end of this policy).

When making an allegation it is helpful to us if you would provide as much information and supporting evidence as possible to inform and support any investigation we carry out.

It is not essential to have clear evidence before making an allegation under this policy, but you will need to explain, as fully as you can, the nature of the allegation or circumstances that give rise to your concerns.

We will always aim to keep the identity of the person making the allegations confidential where asked to do so, although we cannot guarantee this. We may need to disclose their identity should the allegation lead to issues that need to be taken forward by other parties such as:

Outcomes of an investigation

If the investigation results in a proven case of malpractice or maladministration, we will take action against the relevant parties in accordance with our Malpractice and Maladministration Policy.

If the allegation is not proven by the investigation, provided the whistle-blower did not deliberately raise an allegation which they knew to be untrue, no action will be taken against them.

If the allegation was made due to a genuine misunderstanding, the individual(s) (e.g. centre personnel, candidate) who have been the subject of the investigation will be expected to bear no malice or ill feeling towards their accuser. The Head of Centre must ensure that centre personnel do not mistreat the whistle-blower.

Centre Co-Ordinator Wayne Ellis

Arriva London

Training Academy

Unit 1E Towpath Road


N18 3QX

Telephone: 0208 271 0307



Arriva London review their policies and procedures on an annual basis and the next review is scheduled for: